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If you live in Wichita or the surrounding areas and are looking for someone to repair window screens, we are a professional company that does nothing but re-screen your torn or ripped window screens.  The best part is that we come to you – you don’t have to bring us anything!

    Need Window Screen Repair in Wichita?

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    Window Screen Repair

    We rescreen windows of all sizes and colors.

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    Professional Window and Door Screen Repair

    If you have window screens or patio screen doors that are in need of repair in Wichita, KS you have come to the right place.  We are the oldest screen repair business in town serving home owners across Sedgwick County.

    Window Screens – We re-screen windows every day of the week! No matter what color or type of screen you have, we can match it.  We can also help you remove the screens from your windows.  Sometimes it can be tricky but we are pros and never bend a frame trying to get it out.

    Sliding Screen Patio Doors – Patio doors and big and bulky, so taking them to a shop somewhere can be difficult.  Our skilled crew comes to your house, removes the door and takes it back to our shop to install the new screen.  Then we deliver it back to you and reinstall it!  We also have pet resistant screen if you have dogs or cats that scratch, this is almost impossible to tear.

    So take the hassle out of getting your window screens refreshed – call on us to quickly and professionally take care of it!  Call now 316-530-2138!

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    Can window screens and patio door screens be re-screened? Yes they can rescreened without hassle.  By using our service, we come to you so you don’t have to lift a finger.  We will remove the screen, fix it all up, and reinstall it for you – hassle free!

    What is the best replacement window or door screen material? In Wichita the best material is the fiberglass mesh screen. The fiberglass not only reduces sunlight glare, it also allow the most visibility through the screen.

    How long should window or door screens last? It really depends on a number of factors such as exposure to the sun and weather.  Typically fiberglass window screens will last 10-15 years if they are properly cared for.

    Is it better to replace or repair window screens? It is always better to replace the actual screen material in a window or door and not replace the frame.  Most of the time screen frames come with a the window system and are perfectly fitted to the window – so simply rescreening the frame is the way to go.  If you need brand new frames because one is broken or missing we can also build new custom screens to fit your window.

    What is the best screen color for windows and doors? Charcoal (black) is the most popular because it has the best visibility from inside the home.  It basically disappears when you look through your window.